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More info about key projects we work on


Our work in support of nations on the climate frontlines


Our work with the private sector to improve the state of the world


Our work to support the Pacific in International Geneva


Our work to mobilize financial know-how for the climate

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International climate change cooperation: supporting countries vulnerable to climate change

Part of our mandate is to provide support to partners in the area of transnational cooperation to facilitate progress towards achieving the goals set out in the Paris Agreement on climate change. Our project under this mandate is the provision of advisory and operational support to the Member States of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) and Vulnerable Twenty Group (V20), as well as hosting the office of the Forum’s Advisor and Representative.

What are the project objectives?

  • Enhance the ability of government representatives and institutions of the CVF and V20 to shape more effective
 international policies relating to climate change

  • Support the CVF and V20 initiative to secure enhanced assistance and support for national climate change actions

  • Assist the CVF/V20 to network and liaise with relevant international partners in advancing its objectives

Concretely, what do we do?

  • Policy: we provide policy and technical advice to Forum leadership and member states, liaising with forum partners
and expert bodies and supporting the development of Forum-commissioned technical reports

  • Member and partner relations: we assist the Forum leadership in maintaining communications and relations with Forum member states, sustaining and developing relations with donors and institutional partners

  • Operational: we support the Forum leadership in planning and implementing global and regional member and partner
events, representational engagements, research activities, and communications initiatives

Our Work: Climate Vulnerable Countries


Assisting the private sector to improve the state of the world

The successful realization of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals relies on a whole-of-society approach, in which the efforts and contributions of the private sector are indispensable. We therefore provide support in the areas of sustainability and corporate social responsibility, including philanthropy, to business entities to help increase and accelerate the contributions of the private sector towards global sustainable development targets.

Our initial project under this program is to support the Mediterranean Shipping Company (M.S.C) in the creation of a new philanthropic foundation, MSC Foundation, essentially focused on ocean protection.

What are the project objectives?

  • Drive the creation and establishment of the MSC Foundation as an effective new philanthropic actor with a special focus on promoting the protection of the seas

  • Effectively support the administrative, legal, managerial, and communications processes for the establishment
of the MSC Foundation

Concretely, what do we do?

We act as a lead advisor and exercise the management function for the Foundation creation process, and perform the following roles:

  • Institutional: we provide expertise and advisory support for the establishment and institutional, legal constitution of the Foundation and creation of a core MSC Foundation team

  • Communications and programmatic: we advise on communicating the creation of the Foundation to internal and external audiences in maintaining communications and on the development of the programs of the Foundation and projects to be supported

  • Operational: we advise and provide activity support for rending the Foundation operational, including through MSC stakeholder engagement and giving systems and project activation (grant-making)

Our Work: Corporate Social Impact


Working for enhanced Pacific representation in International Geneva

The project is focused on Pacific region Small Island Developing States’ (SIDS) efforts within multilateral cooperation in Geneva. The contributions of SIDS to international environmental regulations, including the Paris Agreement, consistently demonstrate how the inputs and voices of small island nations has strengthened protection of the environment and of vulnerable groups. In Geneva, a major global hub for international relations and development, small islands and especially the Pacific SIDS nevertheless continue to be the most under-represented group of UN member states.

We therefore provide technical and advisory support to Pacific small islands in becoming more adequately represented on a permanent basis in Geneva, and with a view to enhancing the Pacific small island nations' representational capabilities. Strengthening Pacific small islands’ representation in Geneva enables Pacific interests and values to have a more significant role in shaping international assistance and the outcomes of decision-making bodies in cooperation areas such as disaster risk reduction, environment, climate change, and human rights.

What are the project objectives?

  • Support Pacific small island nations to achieve universal representation in International Geneva

  • Leverage partnerships and resources to enhance the representational capabilities of Pacific small islands to best advance the interests of this group in Geneva's international policy-making system

Concretely, what do we do?

In collaboration with Swiss and international partners, we provide direct policy assistance, communications and partnership building support, as well as operational assistance to Pacific small island developing states seeking to establish permanent representation in Geneva or looking to enhance representational capabilities in the world's second United Nations hub after New York.

Our Work: Pacific Small Islands


Working to mobilize financial know-how for the climate

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Tackling the climate emergency requires a mobilization on all fronts: the financial and economic implication of the crisis need to be addressed head on. This is why Aroha is currently incubating the Financial Futures Center - a center which will provide know-how on financial climate risks and support informed decision-making in developing countries. The knowledge and data produced will also be mobilized to enhance resilience and support  the development of climate prosperity investment plans, aiming to both address the climate crisis and secure economic growth. 

What are the project objectives?

  • Support developing country governments, civil society/development partners, and the investment community with different types of economic and financial climate risk-based analysis and data to support informed decision-making on investment and technological pathways to achieve maximal resilience and high shares of renewable energy.

  • Provide analytical support to catalyze sustainable economic transformation in developing countries by enabling effective access to climate finance, mobilizing strategic responses from the economic and finance community and scaling up financial resources for climate action in developing countries.

  • Support climate prosperity investment plans in order to secure economic growth, resilience and stability in developing countries despite anticipated constraints imposed by the climate crisis.

Concretely, what do we do?

Our advisors support our partners by conducting research, analyzing data and providing the necessary elements for informed decision-making. 

Our Work: Financial Futures Center
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